Song presentation programs

Many modern churches use a video projector to present songs, videos, pictures, powerpoints etc. For this you need some software and thankfully there are now many good and free song presentation programs available.


I am making my electronic songbooks available for you to freely download them and use them in your song presentation program. Each song has a file with arabic script and a file with romanized script, as most Kurdish groups in Europe have people from different regions and not all can read the Kurdish-Arabic script. If needed you can present the songs or Bible verses bilingual with VideoPsalm.

  • Goraniye Rohiekan (only 64 songs of 155 - hope to publish all this year!)
  • Goraniye Tazekan (more songs are constantly added)

 Unfortunately, there is a small problem with all programs that they do not fully support right to left writting. The Kurdish Arabic script shows ok except the punctuation marks at the end of a line will jump to the right.


OpenSong is a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more.

It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

I've worked with it for many years and I prefer it for its simplicity.


Check out its features from their website and give it a try:



The Opensong XML song files can be imported by almost every other program if you already use or prefer a different program.


Here are the Opensong song folders for download. They are usually copied into (C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\OpenSong\Songs).


Goraniye Rohiekan (کوردی)

Goraniye Rohiekan (latini)

Goraniye Tazekan (کوردی)

Goraniye Tazekan (latini)


These are the most actual song files I have, but there are still not all songs from "Goraniye Rohiekan" prepared. Also some have an optional Bible verse some not. 



The best free worship presentation software for Windows that I've found.

Some extra features that makes it distinct from other programs:

  • Download of tausends of songs in many different languages
  • Download more than 330 Bible versions in 100 languages including Sorani!
  • It supports biligual screen for songs and Bible verses.
  • Video loop under lyrics
  • Live video feed background
  • Automatically plays music assosiated with song

Check out their hompage:


Below you can download the current version of the Kurdish Songbooks for VideoPsalm.

Unfortunately, other programs fail to import this files and it does not run on Mac OS X.

Goraniye Rohiekan
Copy this file into /Documents/VideoPsalm/SongBooks
Updated 28.09.2015
Goraniye Rohiekan (Kurdî).json.txt
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Goraniye Tazekan
Copy this file into /Documents/VideoPsalm/SongBooks
Updated 28.09.2015
Goraniye Tazekan (Kurdî).json.txt
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