Kurdish Worship Songs

We like to make Kurdish Worship Music available for more people.

Most songs are taken from the book "Spiritual Songs" or گۆرانیە ڕۆحیەکان in Kurdish. Some songs are taken from different CDs and there are also many new songs who were not published before, sometimes refered as "New Songs" or گۆرانیە  تازەکان .

We offer downloads of PDF music sheets and if available mp3 music files.

Further we publish the lyrics in Kurdish script, a simple English translation and the official transliteration in Latin script for people who can't read the Kurdish-Arabic script.


Writing the music sheet was quite challenging and we know, that they are not perfect. As all oriental music, these songs have been orally transmitted. So sometimes one song can be sung in two completly different tunes. Or a song with three verses can have slight rhytmic changes from vers to vers to better fit the stress of the text! For simplicity we didn't write the notes three times.

So you must not stick 100% to these notes. Consider the sheet music more a tool, than a rule that helps you to learn a new song. To learn to sing and play them in a real "Kurdish" way, you have to listen to Kurdish singers!


You are very welcome to give your comments and corrections!


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